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The following is a not very accurate, but functional, gravitational lensing program I made in undergrad. It's intended to model gravitational lensing from supermassive black holes, and I think it's fun to play around with. Feel free to download the program and add a black hole to any picture you like:

Black Hole Gravitational Lensing Program


Some examples of pictures before and after lensing:

A boring grid pattern

A grid pattern before 'gravitational lensing' A grid pattern after 'gravitational lensing'

A more fitting application of the program, the Cat's Eye Nebula

A picture of the Cat's Eye Nebula before 'gravitational lensing' A picture of the Cat's Eye Nebula after 'gravitational lensing'

Me, in undergrad:

A picture of me in undergrad before 'gravitational lensing' A picture of me in undergrad after 'gravitational lensing'

The lensed picture is split into quadrants due to the poor choice of cartesian parameterization underlying the lensing method. This can be fixed pretty easily, but I haven't gotten around to it...

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